04/07: [translation] 《OTHER ROUTE A》
naoapple sent: I punched it mentally xD i physically flipped it, gently though. And yay i got you into something xD oh i got one! What if kano goes on and on about how much he loves the blinded gentleman pffft and he knows its kido but he tells her anyway and she's just like -blushu-

aa is it working now? i hope it does…
yeeee aus are great kagepro aus are so interesting to think up!! i made up several kanokido aus but not really full kagepro ones
oh god that would be so cute?? it seems like something he’d do to tease her ee

naoapple sent: Hey! Then i'll look like something out of a horror game! And its better if we punch it instead! It needs to learn its lesson , the little hobag! And now im out of magical au ideas haha, my imagination is weird

uwah uwah punch it gently though you don’t want it to break, right…? ;w;; is it still not working?
it’s ok uwu you can tell me more when you have more!! meanwhile i’ll think up of stuff too


"You’re cuter when you smile."



Here I did a bunch of Kido meta babbling.

Below are meta on her leadership, music, cooking and her thoughts on her families + headcanon on her old family yep.

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By ぽにた

※Permission to upload this was given by the artist.

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naoapple sent: I tried but my phone is being a triceratops and not doing what im telling it too! (つд⊂) and ayano also uses her scarf to fly! And she attacks her enemies by making crane bombs! Lololol and i still havent seen ur art yet... lol must show meee

i would smack the phone if i were you but that would be bad…
yes!! ayano’s scarf is like. multipurpose. ooo that would be cool she can bomb people too…!!
my art is crap your eyes will bleed if you see it uwu

naoapple sent: Hahaha I ACTUALLY DID! I took a pic of it, but they're sketches so its a bit messy! I'll see if im able to upload it hold on xD seto's deer doesn't like him cuz he's always riding on him! And what do you think ayano would do?

it’s ok it’s ok!! you draw much better than i do anyway uh
ww seto would always have to make sure his deer is in a good mood by feeding it, probably…
ohh like her powers?? hmm she’d probably fight using her scarf somehow, and also be able to control paper cranes as weapons too…



Y A T O R I  W E E K  Day 5: Adorkable

the most embarrassing pairing.

naoapple sent: Omg yeah! Ayano woyld be like mami, but she wont die lololol cuz its a HAPPY au! Lol kuroha's head, with a bee body and his little tiny bee legs holding a gun! He'll say 'i'll get you next time nature boy! And your little deer too!'

that’s good!!! happy aus are good!!!! ayano would totally be a mami figure hh
oh my god you should draw that. kuroha as a bee. oh god. yes.


「my, how dirty」


Kano taps his bat against the plate that it clinks each time, the movements so grand that the kids halfway across the field could see it, probably. The show of being ready done he looks the pitcher straight in the eye with this big long smile and fixes his hat so it casts a shadow over half his face and slides down into the position, same way they do on T.V, and with his knees bent he bounces a little same way American baseballers do when they’re all ready to go.

Anyway he’s not so sure why they all do that (the real baseballers that is), but it seems to make the other kids all excited and they start bouncing a bit and looking real tough, because they gotta be just like on T.V. too, and every parent watching the neighborhood ad-libbed game was sad they didn’t have their cameras with them to get this on a home video.

So the pitcher punches his glove with the ball once or twice and then winds up all big for the throw and just kinda flings it at Kano, and it was pretty much so easy to read Kano hits it straight outta the park. O.K, well, no, he doesn’t because like the other kids tell him he’s kinda scrawny, but he hits it where there aren’t any kids in the outfield and that’s practically the same thing when you’re not even ten years old.

He runs the bases ‘cause the other kids are slow and Kano’s fast and that was all the points they need to win the game so he gets back to base and all the kids are cheering and whooping and hollering ‘cause he did it all right and that was so cool, how did you do that and also your eyes are so good because they bet no one else could’ve seen an opening like that.

So Kano and his winning team are marching by the stands to where the fruit juice is (winners get fruit juice which was at least half of why they were so glad) and all the kids are telling him they all want him on their teams next time, “‘Cause you’re a real good hitter!” and ‘cause they won today Kano pretends he doesn’t hear it when a lady in the front row of the stands leans over to her friend and says without whispering, “It must run in the family.”

naoapple sent: I madr kuroha a bee with a gun xD and i thought ayano cuz she made the gang so... lol

a bEE WITH A GUN somehow that’s like the perfect description of kuroha though. a bee with a gun.
!!!! ahh then i think ayano sort of fits mami more since she’s like… the mentor person. except i hope she won’t die early uh uh

domosaruhiko sent: Okay ;-; I'll stay human if senpai says so.. Seriously .-. Madoka and Homura's ends were rather... Tragic in a way. I doubt Kano has the motivation to try harder to get better grades tho xD Ohohoh and when they have athletic carnivals Seto would go in every single event because he seems capable Kano and Kido would go in only a few then they'll go chill somewhere Then at lunch Seto would come back and eat a lot since he's real tired. I feel like I'm exaggerating what Seto does too much LOL

yes p lease stay human i don’t want a cute kouhai (it feels weird to say kouhai but ok) to become a magical girl…! eh eh do you mean at the end of rebellion or the anime because i haven’t watched rebellion yet i should probably do that soon
ww the only reason why kano would consider improving his grades is probably because he’s afraid to get held back a year or something maybe
yes yes!! more like everyone would try to recruit seto, and because seto is ever the cheery and friendly guy he just goes along
aaa i have a headcanon that kido is actually really bad at sports though so she basically skips everything and hides somewhere and kano hides with her because he’s lazy but yeah if they’re forced to they’ll probably join a few and run away www
seto eating a lot!!! is good!!! i have a feeling that he really would and then he and konoha just start to fight over food if konoha is around
it’s ok it’s ok seto is cute it’s easy to imagine a bunch of stuff he’ll do uwu



danni requested kuroha in thigh highs and rin wanted murder so i kind of went a little too far


On mondays, all of my good memories disappear. All my memories of people I’m close to or want to spend more time with are completely reset every week. That’s why I don’t have any memories of my friends. My memories of you will all disappear.

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